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                          INTERVIEW WITH NEAR PERFECT PITCH

                            LINK :https://vimeo.com/176241398 

 Dara Mottahed on "Near Perfect Pitch" (Ottawa ,Canada) interviews Periscope (Martin Swinny) July 2016 (edited)  full podcasts available on iTunes, Google Play,                        PodBean, Blubrry, Stitcher, TuneIn . Full podcasts feature the best of indie / alternative / guitar pop / britpop, guests, interviews  

Chameleons Vox / Periscope - Time Enough - from a forthcoming release in aid of Save the Children ( donate http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/)

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On examining "The Garden of Earthly Delights", the surreal triptych painting by Hieronymus Bosch a student at Oklahoma University discovered       musical notes written on the posterior of one of the many tortured denizens of the rightmost panel of the painting which is intended to                     represent Hell. She decided to transcribe the notes and the melody in this track is the exact notes Bosch painted in 1505 .
                                                        Video images from " The Garden of Earthly Delights "
                                                                   Periscope 2014 / Hieronymus Bosch 1505

           Periscope - Everyone Must Play  . featuring the monologue " conformity " by British philosopher Alan Watts 

Periscope featuring Alyona from The Red October Chocolate Factory  .. " wow " ( radio edit )  available 4 /3 / 2013

                                                          Periscope featuring Alyona from The Red October Chocolate Factory  .. " High "

                                                                                  Periscope official video for "SUPERSTARS" (  LYRICS )              
the native mother 
the native girl
the dancing bear  and the magician
bravely tried to save the show 
and the owner screamed into a megaphone
but the flames they continued to grow 
we were superstars
when I was young just a little native girl
my mother told me don't get blinded by the little things of the world
we were superstars
don't get blind , sparks fly
we were superstars
superstars , everyone
we shared so many things together
so many things
the smell of the ashes flew into the crowd
as they all sat back to back
but it's far past the hour
is it fair that he should be attacked
we were superstars
we shared so many things together
we were superstars
native girl

                                                                 SUPERSTARS VIDEO / LYRICS / ENGLISH :http://youtu.be/koGvteCOwtI
                                                 SUPERSTARS VIDEO / LYRICS / JAPANESE :http://youtu.be/En8D-Ox0zlI